Provide planning and housing data for England

We’re working with 73 local planning authorities (LPAs) through the Open Digital Planning community to help them provide data to our platform. There are 4 steps to follow.

  1. Prepare data to the specifications.
  2. Use our service to check your data conforms to specifications.
  3. Publish data on your local authority website.
  4. Keep your data up to date.

Using our service

We’re making improvements to our service which will make it simpler and easier for LPAs to provide and maintain data for planning and housing.

Check your existing data

Easily map your existing data headings to the specifications, using real examples from your datasets, to help you plan your project.

Track progress of tasks

Our step-by-step process guides you and gives real-time feedback, helping you track progress and provide data confidently.

Easy-to-follow instructions

Get clear instructions to resolve issues or errors with your datasets, making it easier to conform to technical specifications and manage data quality.