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A list of things we are working on now and next for the Planning Data Platform.

Local planning authorities (LPAs)

We're working with 12 LPAs to help them provide data through our platform, so they can use the RIPA and BoPS digital planning products.

Nine of these are currently publishing data.


  • We're working to onboard 6 more LPAs.


  • We will work to partner with further LPAs.


We are developing data standards and collecting data that is valuable to housing and planning, and improving the quantity and quality of data on the platform.


We are working with LPA partners for these areas:


We will continue to develop standards in the following areas:

  • Design codes
  • Local plans
  • Planning applications and decisions



  • We are improving how we host and operate the platform following moving into beta on a GOV.UK domain.


  • We will soon offer the ability to download data as data packages in excel, geopackage and other formats.
  • You will be able to download a dataset and subscribe to changes, to keep your local copy up to date.
  • We will improve how we show when and where we collect data from, and how it's been processed.
  • We will publish a tool that gives LPAs feedback on the data they provide, in a way they can easily act upon.
  • We will explore better ways of searching and finding documents on the site.