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A list of things we are working on now and next for the Planning Data Platform.

This roadmap shows our current plans for making it easier to find planning and housing data that is easy to find, use and trust.

We work in 3-month cycles and we will update this roadmap every month. Our plans can change based on what we learn from speaking to our users, testing iterations, and how we can better deliver on our mission.

Last updated 12 April 2024.

Local planning authorities (LPAs)

We’re working with 71 LPAs through the Open Digital Planning community to help them provide data through our platform, so they can use the PlanX and BoPS digital planning products.


  • We’re working to onboard 43 more LPAs.


  • We will work to partner with further LPAs.


We are developing data standards and collecting data that is valuable to housing and planning, and improving the quantity and quality of data on the platform.


We are working with LPA partners for these areas:

We are improving the visibility, participation and robustness of the standards design process.


We will continue to develop standards in the following areas:



  • We are scaling our data processing to support more LPAs checking their data at once, and to make the platform more resilient when processing large datasets
  • We are improving our processes to identify data quality issues faster and give better feedback more quickly to LPAs on their data
  • We are implementing performance measures, analytics and other metrics to raise the visibility of the performance of the service


  • We will give LPAs feedback on issues with their datasets and a way to track progress on tasks, to make it easier to improve and provide all data iteratively
  • We will test an approach for seeding and adopting local data (for local plans, conservation areas, Article 4 directions, and design codes) to start with what exists and reduce effort for LPAs when preparing data
  • We will show data an organisation must provide (statutory), has been funded to provide (expected) or where there is a standard under development (prospective)


  • We will explore alternative options for warehousing reporting data to make it cheaper to run the platform
  • We will investigate how we might filter geographical features outside of the organisation boundary
  • We will make users more aware of how their data is benefitting other people and organisations
  • We will explore better ways of searching and finding documents on the site