Local authority

Middlesbrough Borough Council

Field Value Fact links
Reference MDB Facts
Prefix local-authority Facts
Name Middlesbrough Borough Council Facts
Dataset Local authority no fact link
Organisation Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities no fact link
Start date 1905-06-18 no fact link
End date no fact link
Entry date 2023-11-19 Facts
Typology organisation no fact link
Region north-east Facts
Twitter @MbroCouncil Facts
Website https://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk Facts
Wikidata Q6841843 Facts
Wikipedia Middlesbrough_Council Facts
Billing authority E0702 Facts
Combined authority TVCA Facts
Local authority type UA Facts
Parliament thesaurus 45710 Facts
Addressbase custodian 734 Facts
Statistical geography E06000002 Facts
Local resilience forum cleveland Facts
Opendatacommunities uri http://opendatacommunities.org/id/unitary-authority/middlesbrough Facts
Local authority district E06000002 Facts
Local planning authority E60000004 Facts


    "reference": "MDB",
    "prefix": "local-authority",
    "name": "Middlesbrough Borough Council",
    "dataset": "local-authority",
    "organisation-entity": "600001",
    "start-date": "1905-06-18",
    "end-date": "",
    "entry-date": "2023-11-19",
    "typology": "organisation",
    "geometry": "",
    "point": "",
    "entity": 210,
    "region": "north-east",
    "twitter": "MbroCouncil",
    "website": "https://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk",
    "wikidata": "Q6841843",
    "wikipedia": "Middlesbrough_Council",
    "billing-authority": "E0702",
    "combined-authority": "TVCA",
    "local-authority-type": "UA",
    "parliament-thesaurus": "45710",
    "addressbase-custodian": "734",
    "statistical-geography": "E06000002",
    "local-resilience-forum": "cleveland",
    "opendatacommunities-uri": "http://opendatacommunities.org/id/unitary-authority/middlesbrough",
    "local-authority-district": "E06000002",
    "local-planning-authority": "E60000004"

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